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Information About Security for the Physical Realm

Locks and Safes

Builder installed locks on todays home are rately very good. Burglers rately spend time trying to pick locks, but usuall force a door open, bump the lock, or in many cases find the door unlocked.

Cameras and Alarm Systems

Security cameras are useful tools for stopping crime. They act as a deterrent, especially when combined with a DVR to record activity. They also allow you to observe what is going on remotely.

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Common Sense Approaches

Secure locks and good alarms are usless if you don't use them. Don't leave your door unlocked when you are away, even just briefly, or just around the corner. Leave your doors locked even when you home. Don't open your door for strangers.

About this Site brings you infomration about security and security products for your home, car, posessions, and your neighborhood.

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