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What do you want from an Alarm System

Installation of Alarm and how devices communicate

Alarm systems consist of several components. Among these are sensors, controllers, communication devices and sirens. The way that these components are interconnected will affect the cost, ease of isntallation, and security of your system.

Communication with Sensors

Some systems require physical wires from sensors to the controller. These are more difficult to install, but are likely more secure than systems using wireless sensors. Many systems use a combination, depending on the kinds of sensor that is being connected. The biggest problem with wireless sensors is that if they are truly wireless, you need to change batteries in the sensors on a regular basis. Other issues with wireless sensors is that their signals can be jammed.

Additioally, it has been reported that some consumer grade alarm systems, such as one made by Simplisafe as of July of 2016, send wireless signals unprotected and that such signals can be intercepted and replayed to disarm the system at a later time. While this technique might not be used by the typical burglar today, over time the method will become more widlely known, and devices to facilitate such an attack could end up sold on the black market, making the technique more widely used.

Monitoring - What does monitoring means for an alarm system